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    Saturday, October 7, 2000

IMZ-Ural Discussion Archive Volume 2 Comes Online
Volume 2 of the IMZ-Ural Discussion Archive comes online. Volume 2 represents the messages from the hosted URAL Discussion Board. The interface of Volume 2 still needs to be tweaked a bit but it is usable. It's currently missing the Webboard style navigation links.

    Sunday, September 24, 2000

URAL Discussion Archive Gets a Face Lift!

The URAL Discussion Archive moves to a new home, gets new name and URL. The new name is IMZ-Ural Discussion Archive (IUDA for short) and it's new URL is <>. A new feature of the IUDA is that messages from URAL America's various discussion boards have been separated into volumes at the IUDA. Volume 1 represents the messages from the Consumers Interest hosted UA discussion board. It is planned that Volume 2 will represent the hosted UA discussion board.

Past News Items

The following are news items from the past prior to moving the IMZ Ural Discussion Archive here.

Wed, Sep 6, 2000

I am testing out experimental routines to store binary (image, pdf, etc.) files attached to URAL Discussion board messages, in the URAL Discussion Archive. Since this is a new experimental feature of the UDA, only recent (about a month ago) and future messages would have their binary attachments stored along with their message in the UDA. There is one exception and that is the current Technical Bulletins on the URAL Discussion board, which go back further than a month.

Fri, Sep 1, 2000

Fixed a minor bug in the month by month calendar navigation. If you were on the first day of a month, the last day of the prior month had no messages, you selected the link for the prior month, you'd be taken to the last day of the prior month, but there would be no messages listed.

Fellow URALites! Apparently, the URAL Discussion Board lives! Try It's unclear at this time if the board will continue to function. The question has been asked of Ural America and we await a response.

Wed, Aug 30, 2000

A note from Gary Kelsey of Ural America in response to several people who wondered why they couldn't get to UA's web resources.

" ...All Foilists -

Yes, there is a problem. Along with no web access, we at UA have also been without e-mail capabilities since Monday. After two days of phone-calls and messages (read: FRUSTRATION!), I received a call tonight at 5pm at the office from our ISP. Seems that they went out of business on Monday and just hadn't gotten around to notifying anyone. Go figure!

So, we are working on getting a new ISP and hope to be up and running shortly. My gawd, I just got through sorting through all the email from being on the road for the last month. Now down again for who knows how long. Aaaaaaahhhhh!

Also, be prepared to see a new and improved (we think) website in the next two-three weeks.

Please pass this on to whomever you think necessary. We are sorry for the inconvenience and trouble!

Gary - Ural Customer Service... "

I've removed the time restriction on the URAL Discussion Archive. You will now see the most recent day in the archive displayed. The restriction may be restored depending on how the discussion board situation develops.

Mon, Jun 5, 2000

I added URAL America's main website back into the search engine. I'm not sure how long it will be there. If I have more troubles with my spider reading it, I'll toss it out again.

I consolidated the basic and advanced search pages into one.

Sat, Feb 20, 2000

I've had to remove the URAL website from the UDA search engine. Unfortunately, I'm having the same incomplete connection problems with the website as I'm having with the discussion board. I'm sure the problem is not on my end because I've tried diagnostics from three locations in the Portland, OR area.

Thu, Oct 21, 1999

I fixed the link to the "search engine" "How to search" page from the "search engine" page.

Wed, Sep 22, 1999

I added a Search Ebay for IMZ/Ural link on the "search engine" page. This link will most likely break at some point when Ebay changes their search engine. I will endeavor to fix the link if breakage occurs.

Sun, Sep 5, 1999

The "Search Index" should be functioning again!

Thu, Aug 26, 1999

I corrected a problem with the "search engine" pages. If one did a search that produced multiple pages of results, one couldn't navigate successfully to other result pages after the first.

Sun, Jul 18, 1999

I'm experimenting with adding numbers to the "search engine" . Previously, any word beginning with a number would be skipped when being added to the "search engine" . Now those words are added. In our context, numbers are important. You can try doing a search for a number using the "search engine" . Or, you can check out the "Search Index" to see the words that begin with numbers. Please keep in mind this is an experimental feature. It has rough edges and the interface may change.

Fri, Jul 2, 1999

I corrected a problem with the calendar navigation when moving to a month and clicking on a day and days would become unlinked.

Tue, Jun 22, 1999

I corrected a problem with the calendar navigation when moving from the first month of this year to the last month of the previous year.

Tue, Jun 8, 1999

I've been at it again! More tinkering with features for the UDA!

I think the "search engine" is very useful. Sometimes though, you may have difficulties finding what you want because of misspellings or just plain not knowing the exact word(s) to use for a search.

My experimental solution is to provide an {workspace.manilaMacro.shortcutSubstitution (shortcut: "Search Index", linkText: "index of words")} that are contained in the UDA. Please keep in mind this is an experimental feature. It has a few rough edges and the interface may change.

Fri, May 21, 1999

The UDA contents "end" two months prior to the current date. I say "end" because in reality there are messages in the Archive more recent than two months back. You can still get to those messages if you are following a discussion thread or doing searches. As each day of messages are deleted from URAL America's Discussion Board, a new day of messages show up on the UDA.

I've made some improvements to the Search Engine. The most notable change is the addition of an Advanced Search. The Advanced Search allows you to have finer control over what gets searched and how many results you get back on a search result page.

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