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Welcome to the IMZ-URAL Discussion Archive

The IUDA started in late 1998 when URAL America announced that older messages would be deleted from its WebBoard to make it easier for new users to read the messages. I didn't want to loose those messages and thus the IUDA was born.

The IUDA contains messages from URAL America's WebBoard from March 30, 1998 to May 25, 2003 and messages from Irbit MotorWorks of America's WebBoard from Feburary 10, 2003 to the August 17, 2012.

You may run into glitches here and there. The problems you may run into are likely due to the nature of how information is copied from its sources into the IMZ-URAL Discussion Archive. I won't bore you with computer babble but it's pretty darn complex! :-)

Thomas A. Creedon
IUDA Creator and Maintainer

IUDA No Longer Renewing or Adding Subscriptions

The IUDA will no longer be renewing or adding subscriptions. Current subscribers will be able to access the IUDA through the end of their subscription period.

What People Are Saying

It's great of you to maintain the archives. As a relatively new Ural owner, I really appreciate it.

-- Ken

I think you have done a great service and should be reimbursed for your efforts and costs.

-- William Shirk

Treasure trove, an absolute treasure trove. Thanks. I found some good stuff there.

-- Mark Lowery

Thank you for your efforts, you provide a great source for research.

-- Ski-Patrol

Love the archives, most usefull.

-- Bob Walter

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